First Rescue of the season

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Pictured from left:

Reid Clancy
Rhys Lloyd (vice-captain)
Warren Tyler
Vanda Karolczak (Chief Instructor)
Murray Stapleton (Assitant club captain)
Jack Doyle (not pictured)

A group of instructors were instructing new lifeguards at the beach at Piha on Sunday afternoon. Rhys Lloyd spotted someone who looked like they were in trouble in the water heading past Lion Rock.  He grabbed the binoculars and confirmed that this person was needing urgent help.  Whilst Rhys and Murray jumped into action to launch the IRB Warren Tyler who had just qualified at patrol support the previous weekend kept his eyes on the drifting person so that he could instruct the IRB where to go.  By the time the IRB was in the water the patient had been pulled behind Lion Rock.

Rhys and Murray got close and could see someone who was now face down in the water, they pulled an unresponsive 28-year-old female into the IRB. Onshore Vanda had called an ambulance and was ready and prepared with Jack and Reid to give emergency first aid to the woman.

She was rescued in-time and due to the quick actions of our Piha team, she should make a full recovery with no ill effects.

We open the beach with our volunteer guards on duty from labour weekend.  This person had caught an Uber from the city for a swim at Piha.  She was swimming alone and had headed straight into a rip.  She was very fortunate that our guards were out training that day and happened to spot her.  A few seconds later and it would have been too late.

SLSNZ reported the news, click here

Swimmers caught in a rip should remember and practice the three R’s.
The three R’s are Relax and float, Raise your hand and Ride the rip.
Nobody is stronger than a rip. If you Relax and float, Raise your hand
and Ride the rip you’ll have the best chance of getting to safety.