Sunday Jan 9th, 2022 Nippers starting back at the beach every Sunday, 10am-12noon. Click Here
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Northern Regional Pool Champs Team!

Northern Regional Pool Champs Team!

Here is a rundown of this weekends comp.
  • Please make sure you are very familiar with the program but also be aware that this is surf and things do change with not much warning.
  • Make sure you have all the gear you need at each session in case events change. You must have a Piha cap and togs so please let Nicky know asap if you need some.
Parents/timekeepers, If you can help out with this during any of the sessions please let me know. Many hands make light work and will allow everyone to watch the Piha team racing.
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Session #1 will be the juniors starting at 1:00pm and finishing at 5:30pm- We are all part of the same club so I would expect to see you senior guys along supporting at least the end of session #1.
Session #2 Kicks off at 5:45pm so everyone should be there well before then because you’ll be supporting. Warm-up begins at 6pm-6:45pm with the first race at 7pm
Please have a read of the program so you know what events are on.
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Session #3 will be for everyone- Meet at 7am- Warm-up begins at 7:15am- 7:45am and the first race at 8am.
Session #4 May just flow straight through into session 4 depending on timing- there will be time for warm-up at 1:30-2:15pm- Pretty much everyone is in a relay so we will all be there until the end at 4:30pm.
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Bring your A-game, be switched on for racing and let’s get into our first proper hit-out for the season!!
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