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  • Stay Safe at Piha
  • Stay Safe at Piha


Always swim between the flags.

Between the red & yellow flags is the area we patrol most, and where you will be safe. We are always watching this area, so always make sure you swim there and stay inside the two flags.

Read the safety signs.

The safety signs can warn you of dangers. so check them before you enter the water.

Ask the lifeguards for safety advice.

The lifeguards are friendly and helpful, and they can tell you a lot about their beach. So talk to them for safety advice before you go swimming.

Beware of Rips.

Rips or inshore holes are dangerous. If you are caught in one and cannot get back to shore raise one hand straight up above your head.

Never swim after drinking alcohol.

Alcohol and water do not mix. If you have been drinking stay out of the water.

Know your limits.

Never swim alone, and accompany young children. Surf beaches are often unpredictable so if in doubt stay out.

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