Nippers Sundays at South Piha. 10am-12noon. Come and check us out for a free 1 day trial.
Nippers Sundays at South Piha. 10am-12noon. Come and check us out for a free 1 day trial.
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Senior Sports Update September 2020

Hi All,
Time for the next round of the Senior Surf Squad updates-
  1. Eastern Regional Pool Champs
    1. By now you have all probably heard that the Eastern Regional Pool Champs have been cancelled for the Northern Region clubs. Unfortunately, this was probably our last chance to get some racing in before Nationals. Not to worry though- we will still give nationals a good crack and we can go into it with no pressure and just have some fun racing.
      Please make sure you get your entries to me for Nationals before the 18th of September. Follow this link for the entry info, the event flyer and draft program

  2. Working Bee 12/09/2020
    1. This next point is linked to the above point soooo – Because we have a spare weekend now without ER Pool Champs happening, we have decided to make the most of this Saturday and will have a normal training session (STARTING AT 8AM- NOT ARRIVING AT 8AM) and after that, for those that are available, we will be having a Working Bee.
      We have our new club trailer that needs some padding put on it so I will need some helpers for that – We are also in desperate need to update the Gear Register and re-number our skis and boards – I suspect it won’t take more than an hour so any help would be greatly appreciated. See if you can get mum and dad to come along and help too. We will obviously be limited by the ’10 people gatherings rule’ so could you please let me know if you are coming along so that I can arrange a few different groups.
  3. Gear allocation Reminder-
    1. There are a few of you that still have not sent your gear allocation forms through to me – these need to be into me asap otherwise you might find yourself paddling some old dunger for the rest of the season.
  4. Parent Officials for the season
    1. As you all know- for our competitions to run we need surf officials at the competitions helping out – The Piha squad will be required to supply a number of officials at each competition and we would like to get this sorted early this season.
      I have put together a spreadsheet for people to fill in their details on a specific day that they would like to help out- (remember you must be a qualified Surf Official to do this)
      Please email me for the link to sign yourself up.

  5. Heja App
    1. Please make sure you are all using this app to RSVP to training sessions- All the info about each session is in the schedule and it allows you to tell me if you can make it or not. Please make an effort to use this app as I plan on using it for the entire season. There is also a Chat function on the App which allows people to chat between themselves or me for day to day questions- Parents can feel free to contact me via this platform for any general enquiries or updates to keep all coms in the same place- Please still use the email for any formal coms/questions.
That is all from me for now.
Cheers team
Kind Regards