Nippers Sundays at South Piha. 10am-12noon. Come and check us out for a free 1 day trial.
Nippers Sundays at South Piha. 10am-12noon. Come and check us out for a free 1 day trial.
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Senior Squad updates

Hi All,

Below is a VERY long and VERY IMPORTANT list of events/things/notes that you all need to know. Please make sure you have a good read of it and if you have any questions please let me know.

At the bottom of this will be a template to make the reply process easier.

E-Patrol and Bucket shake this weekend;

Do not forget that we have both of these things on this weekend. Please try and make it to patrol after the collection. Rhys will be running refreshers on Sunday, and to be eligible to race the rest of the season your refreshers needs to be done before the end of the year.

There will be no training this Saturday as most of you will be at the bucket shake.

Land sessions at Crum Park have finished. 

We are now at Takapuna every afternoon – Sessions start at 5pm, please make sure you are on time for everyone’s sake. If you are running late, send me a quick message.

Bring running gear every Tuesday/Thursday – We will be doing some run/fitness sessions either both or just one of these days (weather dependant).

Tuesday Junior Sessions:

Starting in December the juniors will be training at Takapuna on a Tuesday and a Thursday. As senior squad members, I am looking for a few volunteers to help with the coaching of these sessions (approx 1 session every 6 weeks). There will be written sessions and there will be support and guidance from myself and the junior surf coaches and co-ordinators. If this is something you would like to help with please let me know.

Omaha competition; 

Entries have closed but if you would like a late entry then please let me know asap.

The Competition is on the 23rd of November. We will be packing the trailer on the Friday after training. There will be more details to come once the final event memo has been released- PLEASE check facebook for the details.

New Vests

We now have some new sponsors which means new gear. Thankyou to Barfoot and Thompson and ThermaKraft for our new vests. Each athlete will receive one of these for free at their first comp. Please look after these. Additional vests can be purchased for $25. Please make sure you have this vest at all competitions and not the old ones.

Whangamata Classic- 7th/8th December

Entries are now open for this event- You must have sent (email) me your entries by Friday the 22nd of November.

Entry Fee is $30.00 – Late entries will incur an additional $20.00 Late fee.

Please follow the link to the event flyer for all the info.

I am looking for a team manager for this event so if you think that might be you please let me know.

Whiratoa Camp-

We have booked in our team camp for the 8th – 13th of December at Whiratoa Surf Club on the Coromandel.

The intention of the camp is to be a great way for everyone to get to know each other, build team comradery, get in some great training sessions as well as prep for the Mount Monster. There will be fun activities like rock jumps, obviously a fair bit of training, and we will also do some whiteboard sessions to cover race tactics, race planning, and race-day nutrition.

I need to know quite a few things from everyone wanting to be a part of this;

  1. The camp will run from the afternoon of the 8th (the Sunday of the Whangamata classic) and will run until the morning of Friday the 13th. The team that is competing in the Mount Monster will then head from Wiratoa to the Mount on the Friday- Competitors in the Mount Monster must have their own accommodation sorted for this event.
  2. For this camp to go ahead I will need parent helpers. I am looking for 3 parents to help for the duration of the camp. One of the helpers will also be the Female Chaperone. I can work out a roster if there are parents that can help for a few days at a time. The parents will be needed to help feed the team and maybe transport some gear or athletes here and there. Please let me know if you can help out ASAP.
  3. I will need to know if you plan on attending. You are more than welcome to attend for as little or as long as possible, but please let me know the dates. You do not have to have attended the Whanga Classic or be planning to attend the Mount Monster to come along, you will, however, be expected to participate in all camp activities.
  4. I will need to know if you have any food allergies or specific food requirements.
  5. All the boys will need an air mattress, pillow, and sleeping bag. There are very limited bunks but apparently, there is plenty of room for mattresses. The girls and parents will have the bunk rooms but will still need pillows and sleeping bags.
  6. There will be a small fee for the camp to cover food. Once I have a better idea of who is interested I will be able to confirm the costs.

The Mount Monster:

Entries for this close very soon. Please make sure you have discussed your entries with me by the end of this week. All teams must be approved and all individual entries must have spoken to me before the end of the week. We will have another Mount Monster run through on the 30th of November. Details TBC.

Owen Champman competition

On Saturday the 4th of January Red Beach is looking to hold this annual competition but are worried about attendance numbers. If you plan on attending this event and know you will be available please can you let me know.

Surf Officials

For our athletes to be able to race we must supply 1 surf official for every 8 competitors that have been entered. We have a few officials at the club who do an amazing job for us (Thankyou Charlie and Nicki for your help to date) but we need more!!! We cannot rely on these few people to do every competition. So I am asking for a few parents to step up and do their officials course. It is a great way to see your kids race from as close as you are allowed to be. If you think you might be interesed please contact myself or Nicky. At the end of the day if we don’t have the officals our kids will not be allowed to race.

Christmas and New year Break

There will be no training at Takapuna from the 23rd of December until the 2nd of January. If there are enough numbers still in Auckland over that time we will try and sort something out.

Thanks all,

Bjorn Battaerd

Reply Template: (copy and paste me)

E-Patrol and Bucket shake this weekend: I will be attending both =)

Tuesday Junior Sessions: I am/am not interested in helping out……

Omaha competition: 

Whangamata Classic- 7th/8th December: Here are my entries…….

Whiratoa Camp:

I will/will not be able to attend.

I can supply ( ) Parent(s) to help over (  ) Days.

My mum will help Chaperone????

I do/do not have any allergies or food Specifications. They are…………….

The Mount Monster:

I would like to do this event in a team/individually

Owen Champman competition

I will/will not be attending this competition at this stage.

Surf Officials

My Parent would love to help out. Can you please tell me more!!!

Christmas and New year Break

I will / will not be in Auckland over those dates.