Nippers Sundays at South Piha. 10am-12noon. Come and check us out for a free 1 day trial.
Nippers Sundays at South Piha. 10am-12noon. Come and check us out for a free 1 day trial.
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Senior Surf Sports information and Booklet

Hi All,
It is that time again for one of my very long emails- I am trying to keep these to a minimum but this pre-season there are lots of things going on.
The email is especially important for those that missed the Squad meeting before camp the other weekend. You will find all the information needed for the coming season and in the email is all the documents you need- If you haven’t received the email please make sure you get in contact as it means you are not on the mailing list.
The email covers
  • Senior Squad Information Booklet
    • Club memberships and Squad fees are due- This is very important as I cannot enter people into events without being a paid financial member of Piha SLSC.
      • To break down the Club fees see below-
      • You will need to sign up for club membership through the website – membership tab – Senior competition, Boats/IRB/Surf Sports @ $155.00. This covers your general club membership as a competitive/active member

      • The Squad fee $45 is separate and gets paid into the squad account separately. Details in the booklet.
    • At the end of the Booklet, there is a breakdown of the approximate costs for the season.
      • The Club and squad fees, the Takapuna membership and the gear allocation fees/forms need to be sorted ASAP.
    • Camps- We discussed a possible change of dates for the December camp- This change will not be happening. The dates are set for the 6th-11th of December. I am aware that some of the younger kids are still at school at this time so there will be some rules around attendance.
      • There will only be two opportunities to join in at camp.
      • Start of Camp – 6th December Sunday night after Whanga Classic.
      • Mid Camp- 8th December Tuesday night. This is because Friday is a half-day and is usually clean up day so Tuesday night allows for 2 full days at camp.
        • This decision has been made as it will be very disruptive to the camp program having people arrive at different times during the week. We understand that this might affect whether people can attend at all, but there is an opportunity for those that miss out to attend the junior camp at Uretiti in January instead.
  • Adopt a Lifeguard
    • This is a perfect opportunity to cover some of the cost if not all of the costs required this season- If you missed Ron’s talk at camp then the information booklet for ‘adopt a lifeguard’ for this season is attached- Remember you are not limited to one sponsor- you can go out and get as many as possible to cover your entire season.
    • If you would like a personalised form made up, you will need to send some photos of yourself to Nicky will put this together for you so make sure you thank her 100 times over!
  • Gear Allocations and 50/50 scheme
    • Gear allocations will need to be completed by anyone that does not own their own equipment. Please have a good read of the gear allocation rules and email a signed copy back to for review.
    • We have some second-hand gear available for the 50/50 Scheme this season that is pretty much brand new. We will not be doing the 50/50 Scheme for new equipment this season as we do not have the funding due to COVID.
      • If you are interested in the 50/50 Scheme for second-hand equipment then please have a read of the attached 50/50 scheme document. Please remember that although you will not be receiving a new piece of equipment the rules and conditions are still the same for the agreement. However, a reduced rate will be offered depending on the piece of equipment- For more information on this please send me a separate email.
  • Competitions
    • Inside the Senior Surf Booklet, you will find a list of all of the proposed competitions for this coming seasons with dates and approximate costs- Northern Region are reluctant to confirm these yet.
    • Entry fees will need to be paid prior to competing this season.
    • All event Fliers can be found here.
  • Pressing Competitions
    • All of the Pool events are just around the corner- You need to have a read of the event fliers online.
      • Northern Regional and Eastern Regional Pool champs entries are due in 10 days (20th August)
      • Please make sure you send your Entries to ASAP
    • Pub to club entries are overdue!!- If you are racing on the 22nd of August you need to send me an email or msg NOW.
    • Mount Monster- If you are planning on entering this event we need to have a discussion this week and confirm that you will race! – Teams need to confirm every member individually with me.
  • Accommodation
    • Last of all we spoke about accommodation for Nationals and ERC’s if you are needing accommodation please send an email to to discuss further- Numbers are limited.
Kind Regards
Bjorn Battaerd