Nippers Sundays at South Piha. 10am-12noon. Come and check us out for a free 1 day trial.
Nippers Sundays at South Piha. 10am-12noon. Come and check us out for a free 1 day trial.
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Training Location Change

Hi All-
As you all know,  to be blunt the harbour bridge and the traffic is screwed at the moment.
Apologies for the late notice on this- but I wanted to wait to see how the bridge conditions changed over the week.
It has become apparent that due to the conditions of the traffic, training attendance is down drastically – So to make things a little easier for everyone we will be moving training to Point Chev for the next week or two.
To make this happen there are a few things that you will need to do asap-
  1. Have a look in your calendars and on Heja and decide if you can commit to at least 2 training sessions at Point Chev in the next 2 weeks. If you cannot commit to 2 sessions minimum you will be asked to leave your gear off the trailer (due to space availability and the risk of leaving gear on the trailer for 2 weeks without the possibility of it being used)
    1. Please note– Normal Saturday trainings will still be at Takapuna and therefore do not count as one of the 2 sessions. 
  2. If you can commit – You will then need to make yourself available to tie your ski onto the trailer on Saturday or arrange a friend to tie your gear on-
    1. This is already logged as an event on Heja- please RSVP to this if you can make it.
    2. There will be a process to this and priority spots on the trailer will be allocated to those that can attend more sessions- the more sessions you can make the easier your ski will be to get on and off.
  3. You will need to RSVP on Heja to the sessions you can make in advance. This allows me to cater the sessions to the people that are attending ahead of time.
Training Details
  • Trainings will still start at 5pm on the water NOT 5pm Arrive- Due to the location being closer to home for you there will be no tolerance for late people- Plan ahead, and get ready early- If I can make it there on time so can you!
  • You must train in a high vis vest- No vest no session
  • (assuming) There will be no changing rooms- come prepared. Gear bags can be left locked in my truck.
  • You must bring shoes to every session- Point Chev beach is very tidal and if the conditions do not allow us to get on the water then we will do a land session instead- you will not be notified beforehand as I haven’t done many sessions there before so do not know how much of a problem it will be. Just come prepared.
  • If you have a waterproof watch please start bringing these to training.
  • We will meet at the mid to northern end of the beach just in front of the public bathrooms.
Last of all- Parents that wish to join in sessions are more than welcome to. If you will already be dropping off the kids you may as well jump in a ski yourself and give it a go.