Nippers Sundays at South Piha. 10am-12noon. Come and check us out for a free 1 day trial.
Nippers Sundays at South Piha. 10am-12noon. Come and check us out for a free 1 day trial.
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Winter Camp

Hey All,
Our second (and last ?) winter camp is just around the corner so here are a few things to get us ready to go for the weekend-
  • I still need to confirm numbers for food- If you haven’t commented on the Facebook page then please do so or make sure you send an email- (please make sure you let me know of any food allergies or preferences if you haven’t already)-
  • We are still in need of parent helpers for a breakfast crew- (preferably those who couldn’t help at the last camp- lets spread the load)
Confirmed list;
  1. Rhys L
  2. Oscar D
  3. Grant C
  4. Reid C
  5. Caitlin S
  6. Deva B
  7. Charlotte R
  8. Emma W
  9. Lucy M
  10. Olivia T
  11. Brook M
  12. Keira C
  13. Laura C
  14. Emily C
  15. Charlie C
  16. Tom G
  17. Noah M
  18. Liana S
  19. Izzie F
  20. Hamish F -?
  21. Adam P
  22. Emily R
  23. Karmella C
  24. Koen D
  25. Nia L
  26. Jade M
The camp will have the same structure as the last one:
  • Camp will run from midday Saturday to midday Sunday.
  • The cost will be $25.00 per person and must be paid by Thursday this week. You will need to pay no later than Thursday so that you get fed. Can you please reference “Aug Camp” and your name into the Comp Squad account. 
    • SENIOR SQUAD 12-3056-0662963-07
  • Dinner and breakfast will be provided- Please email me with any food allergies or requirements that you (or your child) may have.
  • Lunches will not be provided- so you will need to bring something to eat for the first lunch and/or eat before you arrive -There will be a late breakfast on Sunday so you should last on Sunday.
  • Limited snacks will be provided but if you can bring some home baking for the team that would be awesome. Any extra food that you think you will want you will need to bring yourself.
  • We will be taking the board trailer and crossing our fingers for some surf. There will be no ski session at Takapuna on the weekend. If your board is not in the trailer you will need to arrange to get it back in there or get it out to Piha yourself.
  • We will be swimming in the sea, so bring a wetsuit and your surf fins.
Seeing as we didn’t get through any of the things we wanted to last time due to the power cut we will cover our calendar, our training program, what makes a good athlete and how to train like a good athlete, sport science, as well as some team stuff. – We will also be going through some strength and conditioning stuff with a guest PT as well as some Ski tech work- on our new club Erg ?
Ron and Nicky will be coming to talk about- Adopt a lifeguard and how you can get out there and raise some money for yourself!!
Things to Bring:
  1. Wetsuit gear and wetsuits- HIGH VIS VESTS
  2. Towels- at least 2
  3. Surf Fins and Goggles
  4. Sleeping bag and pillow
  5. Notebook/Training diary and pens
  6. Warm clothes/ Rain jacket or a warm coat
  7. Running gear – Running shoes
  8. Leave laptops/tablets at home- there will be no time for this
  9. Snacks & home baking
  10. A random object from home no bigger than a tennis ball. (Only you should know what this object is, don’t tell anyone what you have)
Kind Regards
Bjorn Battaerd