200m Safety Badge

All about the 200m Safety Badge

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There have been lots of great questions asked about the 200m safety badge. Here is some more info…

Is your child ready to test?
Please respond to this email asap with their full name and group.

Not sure?
Hop along to a public pool and have them try. (see free link below)

Why 200m safety badge?
Knowing kids are 200m “badged” is the NZSLS threshold that determines whether Nippers in NZ can safely be taken into deeper ocean on equipment or swimming. If they are separated from their equipment, they will be capable of returning to shore

Additionally there are ratios of lifeguards and water helpers which we strictly adhere to when your kids are in the ocean with us.

Not all kids will join Junior Surf being able to attain their 200m badge, no matter their age. Being able to swim further and for longer each month is a great goal. Help them set these goals! Perhaps attaining a 200m badge for some may be possible by this season, or more realistic to aim for next season. They are tested each year.

There are milestones our coaches have for each Nipper each season depending on their group, which we can share if interested.

swimming requires that your kids are badged.

Swim lessons or no swim lessons?
Child didn’t like the teacher, expensive, hard to fit into your schedule…..Obtaining 200m safety badge is one reasons we ask parents to ensure your kids have swim lessons if needed.

Junior Surf programmes in NZ are not designed to teach children to swim.

We want your kids to make the most of their time with us, being able to participate in all activities we offer!

If your child’s swimming is not to a level where they would be safe in the water, then parents need to get their child to that level via swim coaching and ensure they are not extending themselves beyond their capabilities.

Swim lessons will give them momentum we can help them build upon. They are a lifelong investment!!

Free pool access
A reminder kids have free public pool access to city pools. Perhaps they swim lengths for 10-15 mins and then play? https://www.aucklandleisure.co.nz/prices-and-membership/

200m-safety-badgePrices and membership – aucklandleisure.co.nz

See a full list of our prices including pool and leisure centre visits, group fitness classes, membership options, venue hire, childcare, and more.


Parents swimming and pathway to life guards?
Swimming with your kids is a great chance for the whole family to build their swim fitness. We are always stoked to have parents join Piha, because of their kids and then train to become lifeguards themselves. Please reply if you would like to explore what that journey looks like and if its a possible fit for you, even if you haven’t swum lengths for decades:)

Nippers is a pathway to a safe life in water and ultimately becoming a life guard.
The Nippers programme was developed as a means to keep our youngsters safe in the water and  as a pathway to ensuring New Zealand beaches can be safely guarded with volunteer lifeguards.

Our hope at Piha is to educate your kids while having fun, and that they will remain in the club for many years to come.

• This is a mandatory safety requirement.
• It is the club’s responisiblilty to ensure the 200m Safety Badge is
loaded into the PAM database at SLSNZ.
Candidates must swim 200 metres (using any stroke) in either the ocean or pool. Following the 200 metre swim, candidates will be expected to tread water for 1 minute.

10 and under – 200m swim in under 7m +1 min treading water
11 year olds – 200m swim in under 5m+1 min treading water

12-14 year olds – 200 m swim in under 4m 30 sec+1 min treading water

Please let us know if you have ay questions!!
Your Junior Surf Team