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We are always interested in welcoming new lifeguards to our club.To become a lifeguard requires a number of skills and attributes, most important of which are a positive outlook and a ‘can do’ attitude!There are some specific requirements that can be developed along with your surf lifeguard instructor as they lead you through your Surf Lifeguard Award – the minimum requirement to patrol New Zealand beaches.

To find out more check out "Becoming a Lifeguard" or contact our team


Surf Club Patrols are rostered Saturdays, Sundays and public Holidays from Labour Weekend through to Easter. Patrols start at 10am and go through to at least 5pm – or 7pm if conditions are great. In addition, regional lifeguards run patrols from Monday to Friday through the busy Summer months (Dec-Mar).

Each year New Zealand volunteer surf lifesavers dedicate thousands of hours to protecting the public.

During the 2022/23 season, Piha SLSC volunteer lifeguards patrolled 6181 hours on our beach which lead to: 33 people rescued, 47 people assisted to safety, 4 searches, 48 first aids and 1,359 preventative actions, impacting upon 12,752 members of the public.

THANK YOU to our members for their dedication in keeping our community safe.

Please follow instructions of the lifeguards on patrol. Remember to always SWIM BETWEEN THE FLAGS.

Please note that during winter, there are no patrols at Piha.

If an emergency situation arises when no lifeguards are present, dial 111 and ask for Police.


Piha SAR Squad is made up of 15 members: a combination of 10 Piha SLSC lifeguards plus other members of the local community that are trained in Search and Rescue techniques. When an emergency occurs during a time when no lifeguards are on patrol - upon receiving a 111 call, the Police will task our squad to attend and perform any necessary rescues.

Led by our SAR Coordinator Theo Commissaris, the squad train regularly with other surrounding SLSC's which include Karekare and United North Piha. Training sessions also include St John Ambulance, local Firefighters and the Police to ensure that out-of-hours rescues are as seamless as they can be.