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Piha SLSC is involved in delivering innovative pool programmes to our members to increase ability, confidence and inclusion whilst all aiming to decrease the drowning statistics in New Zealand.

Piha Ngā Wāhine o te Wai

The first programme, the Piha Ngā Wāhine o te Wai is an innovative programme devised to tackle a number of issues but primarily focusing on bringing women and rangitahi back into the water. The goal is to create a fun, supportive, inclusive environment for all wāhine, so we can grow confidence, swim ability, fitness level, and connect and engage with wāhine in our club that are not currently engaged in water activities.

Piha SLSC Women (Wahine) POOL swim programme:

When:        Thursday 15 February to Thursday 11 April 2024

Time:          7.30pm - 8.30pm weekly (Thursday)

Where:       Kelston Girls Pool

Age:            18+ (Piha SLSC Weds night swimmers not eligible, sorry)

Cost:           $59 includes (9 weeks coaching)T Shirt:     

                    $36 (optional)

Goals: Swim better from whatever your starting level; first strokes to stamina. Learn a range of strokes, skills, and technques - freestyle to dolphin. Diving for skills and bombs for fun. Practice tows with the manequin. Learn life saving techniques in the safety of the pool. Have a lot of fun, get fit, and do it with the ladies. Positively impact NZ's drowning stats.

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Piha SLSC Women (Wahine) OCEAN swim pilot programme (Piha ngā Wahine o te Moana):

When:         20 February to 7 April 2024 (Tue/Sun dates, not every week)
Cornwallis/French Bay and Piha 
Age:            18+ 
Cost:           $25 includes shirt
Must be a comfortable swimmer. Wetsuit, high vis vests and ocean fins supplied for length of programme. Babysitting for Nipper kids if needed.

Goals: Build confidence in the ocean through education, practice and fun!  Education: Reading waves, rips, holes , life guarding. Wetsuit etiquette. Get to know Piha, names of rocks, ledges and landmarks around our beach. Plan for a keyhole swim, always ocean permitting. Topics applicable to swimming & life such as stress management techniques. First aid.

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Piha Ngā Tāne o te Wai

The success of this programme has led to the development of the Piha Ngā Tāne o te Wai which is delivering the same environment for our men. With swimmers from every ability, including those who are entirely new to the water - we are seeing real change in both ability and confidence in an enviroment where everyone is accepted.

These programmes are really changing lives and we are grateful to everyone involved in their conception, development and delivery. Thanks to SLSNR for supporting these programmes through funding for pool hire.

PIHA SLSC Men (Tane) POOL swim programme:

When:        Monday 12 February to 8 April 2024                                              

Time:          8.00 - 9.00pm 

Where:       Kelston Girls Pool

Age:            18+

Cost:           $69 - 8 weeks swim coaching and T-shirt.                                                                

                    $35 (Optional Tāne T shirt). 

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Summary of Registration Links are:

Register here for Womens Pool programme

Register here for Womens Ocean programme

Register here for Mens Pool programme

Any payment queries please contact the General Manager at gm@pihaslsc.com

If you wish to join one of these programmes, or support through sponsorship, please email the team. We would love to get you involved!